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Match 1 -The only thing better than seeing the beautiful Paris Kennedy nude is seeing Max Mikita strip her, Max forcibly pulls the nightie off her voluptuous body as she pins her arms behind her back, then proceeds to force her in all kinds of erotic positions. A topless Max starts out with Paris on top but she maintains control as she uses her strong arms to manipulate Paris, she folds her victim’s arms behind her and bends her over in several positions, then turns her face up for more contortions. Never has Ms. Kennedy looked so sensual as her supple body is pulled and stretched in every possible way, standing, powerful Max now forces her arms behind her, over her head, and finally in front of her. To the knees they go for more forced positions, with glee the beautiful Asian controls her arms and her whole body, soon she is on top of Paris enjoying her domination – Paris again on top but control is again stolen from her as the strong one just toys with her victim – Max so loves to control and who better to be dominated than the luscious Paris Kennedy !!!!

Match 2 -How about the big tough Goldie Blair taking on the ever popular Capri Cavanni, and to make it even better they both get naked – wow watching these two fabulous bodies rolling over each other is such a joy. Goldie is sure she will control this match, she tells Capri how lame she is, then goes about proving it, but little sexy has some surprises of her own as she stomps Goldie’s foot to escape a hold – don’t want to get Goldie angry, she will rip off your clothes and mount a destructive journey that has the whimpering Capri in the corner for a pounding, then to the mat for more breast and body destruction, but wait is this Capri coming back? It is and she now has Goldie’s clothes off as she secures a nasty waist scissors, it’s time for some pay back and Capri loves dishing it out. It becomes a back and forth battle as these two naked warriors put on a great show, Goldie’s bountiful breasts sway with the action and Capri’s firm sexy body gets twisted and rolled – Goldie and Capri together and naked — who could ask for more !!!!!!!

Match 3Stacy Burke and Francesca Le are playing bikini wearing milfs in this match. They sit across from each other talking about how cute their children are. However, neither milf is willing to concede the fact that their own kids aren’t the cutest. The ticked off moms go back and forth flinging insults until their banter leads to blows. The ladies rip each other’s bathing suits off and proceed to breast and crotch maul one another. The only catch is that the children are silently sleeping upstairs, so while Stacy and Fran fight, they try to keep the volume to a whisper. This interesting and fun fight will intrigue any DT fan.


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