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Match 1 -Get ready for bone bruises and gasping beauties because this match features two incredible female wrestlers: Hannah and Billie. They are revved up and ready for a beat down. Circling each other they taunt and sneer before Bill rushes Hannah and grabs her large and perky breasts. These ladies start the match out topless and end it that way too. Billie is ridiculously strong. Hannah puts Billie in a head scissors, but Billie gets to her feet and lifts Hannah all the way up in the air while her legs are still tightly wrapped around her head. Billie is crazy strong, but don’t count Hannah out yet because not only is she attractive, she’s also a cruel and relentless fighter.

Match 2 -Do you like giant oiled up titties? If you do, this is the video for you. The ladies each stand in their respective corners. First, Kianna Dior removes her bikini top and applies ample amounts of baby oil to her large Asian breasts then she rubs it in and makes sure to get he rest of her body nice and oily. Next, Tylene Buck follows suit and frees her big ol’ tits from the ultra tiny bikini top. Oil is squirted all over her body and rubbed in, but especially to her bulbous fun bags. These two perfect hour glass figures proceed to oil wrestle like the goddesses that they are. The loud moans and squeals are the perfect accompaniment to such a wonderful sight.

Match 3Randy Moore and Erika Jordan really hate each other. They have fought before and the amount of bad blood between them is staggering. They can’t help but fling profanity and open handed slaps at one another. Erika is dressed in all red lingerie, while Randy wears all white lingerie. The perfect bodies on these two specimens are truly awe-inspiring. Both ladies seem to enjoy doling out heaping portions of pain. They smile a great big grin as they use their long and sexy legs to choke out their opponent. The winner of the fight gets to pose with the loser while wearing the championship belt. This awful humiliation is the only fitting end to such a bitter and foul rivalry.


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