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Match 1Hannah Perez, always a great show when she is part of the fight, so lets put her in with another spit fire; Melissa Jacobs – these two are about the same size and equal energy. When they face-sit they really sink those beautiful butts in, and they face-sit a lot, and then there’s those fabulous body scissors, they love wrapping their sleek legs and squeezing their opponents, face up and face down. Hannah loves her boob smothers that she applies with gusto, also figure four head scissors and so much more. Best face-sits and scissors we’ve seen in a long time – Hannah goes all the way, and the sexy Melissa does her best to match this dynamo, making this one fun match. The red head goes all the way to match the wild brunette – wild sexy women, what could be better !!!!

Match 2Taylor Vixen takes on Erika Jordan, starts off a bit slow until Erika knocks Taylor down with a couple of nasty head shots, then a face-sit allows Erika to take off the busty brunette’s top and gouge those natural mounds of supple breast flesh. Now the fun begins as these ladies start turning up the heat, Taylor is soon riding Erika in a school girl pin that allows her to rake and gouge the lean ones beautiful breasts. Erika returns the favor as she mounts Taylor in a match book and presses all her weight on her groaning victim. Now comes the many kicks to the gut as Erika backs her into the corner, hard kicks followed by slugs galore. Taylor is stronger but Erika is faster and more experienced making for a fun fight as these two gorgeous ladies roll over each other. Taylor has a limited amount of videos as she has retired so enjoy them while they’re here, especially when she is in with such a hot number as Erika !!!!

Match 3Cali Logan is listening to Hollywood as she talks to Randy about how she will pay Cali back for her. Later at the ring we watch as a topless Cali slowly applies oil to her sexy body, Hollywood enters in her jeans and top, she proceeds to tell cute Cali how she is about to teach her a lesson in respect, she strips down to just her bikini bottoms and they apply oil to each other. Telling each other how they are about to destroy they get ready to fight, they circle then the veteran Hollywood strikes first as she slams her fist hard into Cali’s tender stomach, to the corner she continues to pound and kick the midsection then throw her to the canvas for more torture; stretches, chokes and many more kicks seem to have poor Cali in deep trouble. Finally with a heroic effort she pays Hollywood back with interest, yes she goes wild on the statuesque blonde using many of the same blows and holds that were used on her. Now it’s Hollywoods turn to come back, or is it? Can she take a beating then give one — both ladies are going to get oiled up in the end, but only one of them will be conscious !!!!!!


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