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Time/Size: 24 min/550 MB

This is one weird but sexy match, it starts out with with Francesca Le tied up in the ropes, she has on only a tight man’s shirt, in comes Karlie Montana who rushes to help poor Franny. Karlie also has on only a man’s shirt, with Francesca free Karlie is rewarded with a slug to the gut – it was a trap and now our sexy brunette is out to destroy poor Karlie. Head locks, gut slugs and then she sits on the sexy red head and pulls her pony tail, next it’s a camel clutch then leg scissors where Karlie’s naked bottom flails exposing her vulnerable crotch. Francesca wins control and oh is she the mean one, she squeezes Karlie’s breasts while making her say these nonsensical sayings, then rides her around like a pony as she holds on to her pony tail – so horrible she treats her as she makes Karlie lick her feet. Rebellion, Karlie rips off the shirts and it’s her turn to control and she is every bit as mean as Francesca as she gets behind her doggy style and rubs then spanks her ass. Very dominant and oh so sexy, these naked ladies go all the way with their dominating control !!!!!!


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