Match 1Goldie Blair and Kianna Dior are hanging out at a day party when they run into each other. They are making small talk when they happen to discover that they are dating the same man. Instead of being angry at the lucky bastard that is dating the both of them, they start to fight one another. It isn’t long before these big breasted babes have freed their giant fleshy orbs and attack them like the enraged goddesses they are. Because Kianna and Goldie are fighting for the love of their life, they fight with a passion that is seldom seen in competitive combat sports. All fans of big breasts will agree that this match is a can’t miss.

Match 2JC Marie is a blonde bombshell with a perfect hourglass figure. Celeste Star is a tight and slender brunette. Celeste challenges JC to a breast fighting match. If any petite and natural titted girl could defeat the perfect bazookas that JC is packin’ it would be the audacious Ms. Star. To the surprise of everyone, Celeste holds her own against the powerhouse that is JC Marie. The chest bumping and nipple grinding is incessant and taxing. Each attack leaves the girls reeling in both pain and exhaustion. This is an epic tit match featuring a relentless underdog facing a true master of the sport. This fight will one day have a place amongst the masterpieces in the hallowed halls of the tit-fighting hall of fame.

Match 3Capri Cavanni and Taylor Vixen are facing off today in a battle of the busts. The bodies on these big boobied broads bring back beautiful memories of a bygone era of bombshell babes. Too many B’s? No worries, Capri and Taylor have some double D’s waiting for you. This hectic catfight does a great job of making sure these girls wiggle and wobble their immense milk makers in perfect view of the camera. You are going to love watching Capri Cavanni crawl around on all fours, making her mighty mammaries vibrate with each of her choke induced coughs. This is a significant contribution by Double Trouble to the genre of big tit videos.


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