Match 1 -What a pair we have for you today! Two of the most busty and beautiful girls in DT history. Tylene Buck is one of the most famous blonde bombshell wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring and Christina Carter is perhaps the most infamous fetish actress to grace any screen. This fight was a match made in heaven. Tylene is wearing little more than ass floss as she trades blows with Christina. The thigh high panty hose make Christina’s ass look great while Tylene gives her a massive frontal wedgie. Don’t worry one bit because Tylene gets her comeuppance in the form of a gravity wedgie. Tylene’s beautiful body will be raised in the air by a glorious and epic wedgie. Get ready!

Match 2 -The beautiful Melissa Jacobs is in the ring bragging about how she crushed Alyssa Reese the previous week. Alyssa violently interrupts the conversation asserting that Melissa had drugged her. Alyssa’s plump ass peeks out at the audience from underneath her catholic shool girl skirt as she verbally attacks an obviously flustered Melissa. Alyssa proves her point by proceeding to ruin the blood filled punching bag that is Melissa Jacobs. Alyssa owns Ms. Jacobs for the majority of this match and even rides Melissa around the ring like a cowgirl who is breaking a newly branded mare. I assure you that Alyssa’s skirt alone is worth the price of admission to this show.

Match 3Randy Moore and Star 9 start this match off topless and rolling their tummies like warrior belly dancers. This fight is all about the stomach. The ladies are constantly attacking each others’ core with kicks, punches, fingernails, and body scissors. Get ready for some bright red bellies and aching obliques. Sure, Randy may look like a perfectly chiseled Amazonian goddess, and Star 9 may be as petite as Thumbelina, but this match goes back and forth until even the camera man is trying to call his bet off. If you are into tummy torture and gorgeous blondes than I can guarantee that this match is for you.


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