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Match 1Melissa Jacobs and Danielle Trixie are petite, adorable, and panty hosed. They begin their cute competition wearing nothing but beige stockings. Is it true that red heads are feisty or that blondes have more fun? This battle might help you make up your mind once and for all. Danielle is a bleach blonde beauty with big natural tits. Melissa has long, flowing, deep red locks that perfectly frame her pale and perky white ass. This panty hose bashing becomes barbaric quickly. The crotch centered punishment is makes the panty hose and pretty young ladies even more desirable than previously possible. Nubile and panty hose fans alike can come together in praise of this captivating catfight.

Match 2Randy Moore and Miko Sinz work together at a strip club. Randy’s nickname for the dancing Chinese Barbie-doll is “Eggroll.” Unfortunately, Miko is not a fan of her new monicker and confronts her stunningly enchanting and athletic intimidator. A quick and simple brawl ensues, ending with Randy forcing Miko to meet her in the ring. Both dancers arrive wearing their stripper gear. To the amazement of all, Miko utterly owns her browbeating bully, eventually humiliating the prejudiced pugilist by making her worship her feet, legs, and ass. Exotic dancing’s most ravishing blonde is putty in the hands of a seemingly sweet Asian debutant in this distinguished DT grudge match.

Match 3 -This video boasts some epic ass for your viewing pleasure. JC Marie’s unbelievable ass is adorned in white lingerie and thigh high stockings. Tylene Buck’s lingerie is coal-black and perfectly frames her spectacular rump. These phenomenal blondes are hyped up for an all out wedgie war. Expect tons of close-ups of jaw-dropping asses and pussies being nearly sliced open by mere threads of cloth. There are few things sexier than one gorgeous blonde tormenting a fellow towhead with an oppressive and foul wedgie. The winner of this battle strips the loser of her panties, leaving her stark naked except for some sexy thigh high stockings. So sit back and relax in the safety of your own home as this video transports you back to the good ole’ days of: wedgies, swirlies, and the timeless act of terrorizing those weaker than us for the sake of entertainment.


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