Match 1Karlie Montana and Cali Logan are super heroin friends. However, unbeknownst to Cali, Karlie has been possessed by some ravenously sexual being. Karlie begins to grab and undress Cali’s supple young breasts. Karlie is animalistic in her biting, licking, and sucking. The ferociousness only gets more intense as Karlie begins to slug and spank in between her bouts of frenzied slobbering. Cali is eventually knocked out. When she wakes up, she has the same crazed look in her eyes that Karlie had. Karlie now seems to be back to normal, except for the confused look on her face as Cali now sexually assaults her. Karlie gets spanked for a long time before she is knocked out. Will we ever find out what exactly bewitched the ladies?

Match 2Max Mikita is a soul steeling bad guy. Today she is facing off against the wonderfully powerful Melissa Jacobs. may be strong, but she’s nowhere near as fast as the mercurial Melissa. Eventually Max gets a hold of Melissa and sinks in a throat crushing head scissors. Max eats Melissa’s youthful soul and leaves the empty vessel crumbled on the side of the ring. Angela Sommers was Melissa’s super heroin mentor and whenever she senses that Melissa is in trouble she comes running. Max has been waiting for Angela to arrive and attacks quickly. Angela seems to weather the storm easily… until Max sits on Angela’s face. Check out this video to see if the goddess of good can survive the evil ass of darkness.

Match 3Hollywood is a baton swinging villain. Cali Logan is Batgirl. What do you think is going to happen when these two meet? Yup, they’re gonna’ beat the crap out of one another. These master’s of combat take part in a seemingly endless battle of holds and hits. After tons of gut punches and chokes, Hollywood knocks Batgirl unconscious. Hollywood takes her time as she strips Cali down to her underwear. After a few minutes of hypnotism Batgirl seems to be completely under Hollywood’s control. However, given a little bit of time Batgirl recovers and sneak attacks Hollywood. A few back breakers later and this fight has become completely even. Who will win? You are going to have to watch.


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