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Star 9 vs Akira Lane


Time/Size: min MB

Akira Lane and Star 9 in a Tiger match, need we say more? Well we probably don’t but we will anyway, these are two hot fighters that love to touch flesh. We know it’s going to be a vicious one when during and initial bear hug Akira gives Star a vicious wedgie, and then she tops that off with some hard butt spanking… and they are just getting warmed up. Man do these girls get after each other, soon Star is naked and getting a hand in her crotch, not just in there but gouging and smacking but don’t think tough cute Star is out for the count, no way – she soon has Akira naked and is on top smacking our Asian beauty all around. They trade positions, each taking her turn at destruction, bouncing on top, scissor destruction, mounting from behind, standing on the couch as she pulls her rivals hair and in the end one tiger brands the other with words of disgust on her vulnerable ass. These tiger gang fights are the best… so brutal and so sexual !!!!!