Odette Delacroix vs. Miko Sinz

HQ DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1483-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 522 MB


Oh boy, sometimes we find some gems in our vault – yes matches we have somehow overlooked with the thousands we have and when they are uncovered we are overjoyed, especially when they are with women who no longer are wrestling and that is just the case we have here.  These are two very popular girls: Odette Delacroix and Miko Sinz and they are in one of those fabulous lady like catfights with nylons, short skirts and heels.  Now these are not your ordinary nylons and skirts, no, Miko has on sexy orange nylons and Odette has on wild purple nylons.  Odette in her blonde braids and Miko with her long black hair, both great targets for pulling but mainly these beauties go after breasts.  Their pert little natural breasts are attacked as each babe goes for victory.  From behind, from on top, while crawling – always going after those ripe peaches on their chests, they strive to pick that soft chest fruit. When not chest mauling they are catballing as they wrap those colorful sexy legs and roll.  Now you must remember this is an older video so it is in HQ but that does not diminish the fun, the splendor of watching these two fabulous lean wildcats.  You remember how you enjoyed watching them, now see them again in all their wild glory !!!!!!