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Match 1Jamie Lynn and Martina Warren have fought each other before, so today is their rematch. Martina is back to get revenge for her prior loss to Jamie, but Jamie isn’t going down easy. She sits over Martina and forces her big titties into Martina’s face until she is gasping for air. Martina has a great body. She has perfect ivory skin, big pillowy natural breasts, light pink areolas, and a colorful tattoo that runs the length of the side of her abdomen. Believe me when I tell you that watching her exceptional beauty perform in a wrestling ring is a wonderful sight to behold. To find out if Martina can recover her honor you’re going to have to watch this awesome match.

Match 2 -Today we have two pretty young things itching to smack the make up off each others’ faces. Cali Logan is wearing a purple bikini and girly pink wrestling boots, while Miko Sinz is sporting a bright pink bikini and white wrestling shoes with pink laces. These cuties are ultra adorable, yet they still fight like bikers. There is something very sexy about such perfect young beauties doing such atrocious and cruel things to each others’ supple and dainty bodies. Their head scissors are breathtaking, their slugs are devastating, and they damn near break each others’ ankles multiple times. This a match that you can’t be disappointed with. The girls are gorgeous, the fighting is exemplary, and experience is priceless.

Match 3Summer Cummings and Melissa Jacobs are utterly destroying each other in this high energy, high emotions, and incredibly loud cat fight that can only end in one of these girls going to the hospital. Sounds great to me. The best kind of shit talk is the kind that is backed up by decisive force. These cute little hotties are fighting in some of the most adorable and girly pink and purple bikinis you’ve ever seen. As great as those bikinis are, you will be all smiles when their tops come off, revealing their perfect fleshy orbs. Those pretty titties get a lot of attention. Utter bliss will surely be induced while you observe Summer and Melissa’s tits being mauled and shoved in each other’s gasping mouths.


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