Time/Size: 18 min MB 403

I don’t know about you but I just love OIL, yes there is something so sexy about a woman after she has been oiled and her body shines, she can slide her sexy body over another. Idlelsy Love and Kendra James are topless and oiling each other up, they lather the slick goo all over their bodies then sensuously slide their breasts and body parts together. Their bodies shine and look so inviting that Kendra just can’t help putting a choke on Idelsy and getting a fight started but the brunette soon turns the tables and is attacking the red head’s shinny breasts, back and forth they attack each others inviting breasts, then to the crotches. This is a slow moving intense fight where each lady takes her turn at sensual destruction; Idelsy plants her perfect ass on Kendra’s breasts then mauls her crotch, Kendra wraps her long legs around her foe’s waist and slaps her ass making those cheeks ripple with each smack and Idelsy gets her ass smacking in when she pulls Kendra’s panties into a wedgie that exposes one check that she can hammer with blows that leave hand prints on the white skin. Surf boards, Boston crabs, scissors and more… all put on in a slow intense sensual way. We love our oil, wet sexy bodies sliding over each other to secure destruction !!!!!


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