Time/Size: 30 min MB 616

Water, sex, dresses, and gorgeous women…Yesssss!! Prinzzess is taking on Paris Kennedy, two ultra sexy ladies are seeing who can strip the other and then make her orgasm with a long pussy stroking wedgie, and the winner gets to put the panties of the other in her mouth… oh and did I mention this is all done while they dump tons of water on each other. This doesn’t just happen once, no this is the best two out of three and goes for three outfit changes. This is one wet wild battle as they rip the dresses from each other then go for those orgasmic wedgies. and let me tell you some of these wedgies are so hot, when Paris squeezes her fingers up into Prinzzess’ beautiful but and pulls on that tight string between her cheeks, well those cheeks dance, they really do dance as they bounce and jiggle, such a sexy orgasm that Paris now has to get herself off by pulling on her own panties, these girls want to win but let’s face it they both love to orgasm, and they both love women! Rip those wet clothes off, slide those wet bodies across the ring, pull those panties up inside of butts and pussies till we have a screaming orgasm – wet wild women who are willing to fight to force orgasms, they both love fighting and they both love sex… Yessss !!!!


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