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Match 1 -Liz Ashley and Jamie Lynn, two long legged vixens that love to sink their red nails into each others soft breast flesh. Yes, these two were made to cat-fight and it’s a cat-fight we have. Within the first two minutes they take off their blouses and bras so they can get right to it, right to those tender breasts that hang like low hanging fruit just begging to be picked and picked hard. With the nylons, heels and skirts still on they fall to the couch where the wild blonde gets on top but soon Jamie pulls her hair back hard enough to reverse the position, now it’s her turn to assault breasts. Their long sexy nylon clad legs intertwine as they roll across the couch but eventually they roll off and one gets behind the other for some destructive milking. They are standing again but now they wildly pull each others hair till they again pull each other down and into more great breast mauling positions; from behind, from underneath, from on top and so many more. If you like a wild cat-fight with nylon clad beauties, here’s another great one !!!!

Match 2 -Hot, Hot brunettes with short red skirts and dark brown nylons; Idelsy Love and Layla Sinn (Penthouse Pet of the year) are ready to rumble. Off go those shirts and bras and on comes the wild action, when these two get on the couch there is some wild rolling as they wrap their legs together and their short skirts ride up over their sexy asses. Deep they dig their nails into each others soft breasts, as they roll across the floor for some great cat-balling in this fabulous cat-fight. Then to the wall where they can really concentrate on mauling that supple breast flesh. Their jet black hair intertwines like a wild forrest of black trees in the wind as over each body they roll till one reaches a position that allows for more tit destruction. These dark stockings look so hot when they intertwine and when they get in that face to face tribbing position, pussy to pussy and stare into each others eyes then attack breasts and hair – well it just couldn’t get any better. For those that love a good wild cat-fight between two super sexy brunettes – this is the one !!!!!

Match 3 -Paris Kennedy and Angela Sommers are respectable ladies who just can’t stand each other. They stand facing off in wonderfully sexy business lady clothes: white button down blouse, pencil skirt, high heels, and beige panty hose. Each one judges the other, eyes scanning up and down, and mouths flapping away. The insults are many, usually about how their opponent’s panty hose aren’t up to snuff or how one will squish the other one’s ripe peaches. The women knead and pinch one another’s breasts from the beginning of the fray to the end. However, every once in a while they will break to take part in a bit of violent tribadism. One lucky loser will be suffocated into unconsciousness via a nipple being placed over their mouth. Not a bad way to go if you ask me.


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