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That soul stealing bitch (Diana Knight) is going after three, that’s right three heroine beauties; Mia Li, in her shinny back super suit that boosts her beautiful breasts up high and out, Kristiana in her black and red skin tight oh so sexy super suit and Tara Morgan in her low cut red, blue and shinny gold super suit. Of course Diana is in all black as all real villains should be, and let no one doubt Diana is one very bad babe – she is out to steal more souls but first she has to go through Kristiana the warrior and while big beautiful Kristiana is tough and knows her moves the Soul Stealer has eternal evil on her side. The evil one beats her gut, chokes her then mauls her pussy to steal her power… then her power belt – a weakened Kristiana succumbs to: bow and arrow, scissors, bear hugs and so much more… then her soul is sucked into the evil one. Mia Li is next as she tries to protect Tara who has many souls stored inside of her, but even though the Soul Stealer is distracted by Mia’s sexy bulging bosoms she still manages to annihilate her with neck scissors, surf board and match book, so sexy watching Mia squirm in her oh so sexy super suit, even as her soul is taken. Lastly little Tara, the guardian of the souls and she is the weakest of all so Diana really makes a meal out of her, one course at a time. She toys with this sexy beauty as little by little she beats her senseless, so evil is this Soul Stealer and when she takes her soul she takes so many more it almost makes her orgasm. Four gorgeous super babes in one glorious match!!!


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