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So Celeste Star is going to show the newbie Raven Rockette how she applies such devastating holds, both girls are topless and eager for contact. Celeste gives Raven a nice show and tell as she secures a joint stretching arm bar then her signature figure four and now it’s the new girls turn, she gets a bit carried away, and it is so much fun to watch this cuttie carry away – she is gorgeous with her sleek body and natural breasts of perfection, she finds she loves inflicting pain. But you should never screw around with the veterans, Celeste turns the table and oh does she go for revenge. After beating Raven in the corner for awhile Celeste wraps her arms around that lovely body and squeezes her in a frontal bear hug, Raven jumps up and wraps her gorgeous legs around Celeste’s tiny waist but Celeste won’t let go till Raven can take no more. This is only the beginning of the pain as our veteran is determined to show this newbie lots of holds, and she is going to show them to her up close and painful. Body scissors, bow and arrow, arm bar, grape vine, over the shoulder back breaker, and of course the ever popular figure four leg lock, oh does Celeste enjoy watching this gorgeous newbie squirm and writhe in pain as each hold is taken to it’s most pain filled limit. Raven was destined to be a real star, she is wonderful but lately she is nowhere to be found, everyone hopes she will come back – so see her while you can – she is fabulous !!!!

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