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Match 1 – So much clothes, so little time, well actually they have a lot of time; over forty minutes – the objective is to strip the other girl and never have we seen Odette Delacroix so large and we soon realize why: she is wearing so much clothing. Her opponent, Sinn Sage is also thicker than usual again due to all her clothes. We are in for one hell of a wild strip fight, they rip, claw and pull till every stitch of their clothes are off, and that’s a lot because they are wearing layer after layer but in the end both are nude. Odette even has pants under her pants and when one gets pulled down she walks around with her pants around her ankles, both girls get mean and determined as they rip off gloves and shoes with multiple holds, a scissors works great to strip off belts and boots, a grape vine gets off shirts and shoes. Both get tired in this marathon match but continue they do till naked they are — it’s a strip fest that takes over forty minutes because both are so tough and so dressed, so if you like stripping – and who doesn’t, then you will love this one – so much clothes and so much time !!!!!

Match 2 – Oh have we wanted these two big beauties together; Christina Carter and Charlie Mancini – big beautiful and ready to battle. Charlie is in the ring with only her bikini bottom and black thigh high stockings telling how she won the bikini contest when an angry Christina comes in and accuses her of cheating. They are both looking for a fight and they both find it. How appropriate Christina is also in bikini bottoms and black stockings, she attacks and soon has Charlie in the corner where she can kick, slug and then demolish the big brunette’s tits. The destruction is on as to the mat Christina takes her and is soon pulling that sting bikini up her big round butt then up her sweet crotch – her screams of pain just make Christina want more. Finally Charlie gets free and with an opportune slug she takes control and her revenge is savage, fingers dig deep into breast flesh and she returns the wedgie torture. Both ladies end up striped naked while their panties are used to wedgie them and of course the breasts are never left without destruction. You know you want to see two of the best big girls get savage on each other – well, here it is !!!!!!

Match 3 – Francesca Le is all dressed up in her halter top and booty shorts. She is prancing around the room admiring how cute she is in her new outfit. Akira Lane walks in on Francesca and immediately puts the kibosh on her one girl party. Ferociously, both women attack each other. They rip one another’s clothes off until they are completely nude. They bite down hard on each other’s nipples and bare vaginas. The camera zooms in as teeth sink into the supple and sensitive flesh. Their naked bodies grind together as they bear hug the breath out of one another. With neither girl willing to give in, they agree to a contest. They will take turns biting each other as hard as they can for 30 seconds at a time. Back and forth, these ravenous fighters trade cruel and excruciating bites. The loser will be tied up and torn at by the canines of her superior. This is one show that you will regret missing.


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