THREE MATCHES: One Nude, One Topless — 66 MINUTES

Match 1 – Feet, feminine beautiful feet – tongues and lips on sexy feminine feet and to top it off those feet belong to two of the sexiest beauties alive; Vanessa Veracruz and Abigail Mac, you heard me right two of your favorites in amazing booty shorts that so show off their great legs and butts. We know we are in for a steamer when Vanessa corners Abby but instead of a beating she delivers kisses to Abby’s entire body all the way down to her luscious feet where her tongue thrusts between those petit toes in an oh so sexy way. Their bras pull down just below their nipples causing them to jut out as they wrestle – eventually they even come off as the wrestling gets rougher. And with each hold they go after those sexy toes, hell they swallow the whole foot and in such a wet and sexy way. So many amazing positions, with each scissors they go for the toes and with each mount they lick a sole and so sexy when they mutually suck toes then use their feet to rub butts and crotches – so sexy in their booty shorts and they end with their feet mutually pleasuring each other in such an amazing way !!!!!!!

Match 2 – Oh boy, do you remember the fabulous Alyssa Reese, one of the cutest brunettes we have ever seen, well we have uncovered a match she did with non other than Hollywood – so you know we are in for a real treat. Holly has on this amazing skimpy bikini with laces and Alyssa is dressed in her classic school girl garb, yes the brunette is one naughty wild school girl and she has proved it in so many classic matches so when Hollywood challenges her to a multi fall match Alyssa reminds her she beat her up last time and Hollywood says it can’t happen again. We are off, oh Hollywood may be the first with destruction but when our school girl gets going there’s no stopping her, hard slugs to gut and face then stomps, oh that young one just loves stomping her prey. That little school girl skirt just flies as she whirls through the blonde beauty, face sits, scissors, arm stretchers, and fabulous chokes as she steps on her neck. It’s a beat down worthy of this sadistic little school girl and one Hollywood will never forget, so if you have never seen Alyssa is action you are in for a real treat !!!!!

Match 3 –  Olivia Austin is one tough babe, when Prinzzess catches her with her man the big blonde just laughs and an angry Prinzzess is nothing to laugh at. How tough is Olivia, well when Prinzzess has a tight choke on her the buxom one just rises from the floor with Prinzzess on her back as if she were getting out of bed, Prinzzess knows she is in for one hell of a fight, every time Prin gets a hold on, the blonde powers out. The dresses come off as the wild grows, hair is pulled, slaps, slugs, face sits and breast attacks – my favorites; a mutual crotch attack as each girls shoves her foot deep into those tender crotches and also a mutual scissors, Olivia with her legs around Prin’s chest and Prinzzess with her legs around one of Olivia’s large breasts. Have you seen Olivia yet, well she is one big beautiful blonde and when she gets in control it’s a world of hell for Prinzzess, by the hair she pulls her over her knee so she can slap that sweet ass, then to the ground to pound with slugs and stomps, this is one bad beautiful babe !!!!!!!


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