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— 87 MINUTES —

TOPLESS SEXUAL CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Such a popular series it had to continue, 1323-01, 1237-02 and 1349-03 have all been part of this sexy slave series and for the next great installment we are blessed with four hot participants. When last we left Ivy Sherwood had taken over as being Prinzzess’ sex slave master. We find a naked Prinzzess where we last left her, blindfolded and tied in the corner with the nipple clamps still on, a topless Misty Stone enters the ring with a gift for her sex slave but upon untying her she finds the necklace Ivy had given her and becomes enraged so that when the topless duel of Karlie Montana and Ivy show up Misty goes after Ivy only to be stopped by Karlie who decides she will be the judge of who gets Prinzzess – they will each fight a naked Prinzzess and then control her and sex her up and who does it better will get her. Ivy goes first and she soon finds out even a salve Prinzzess is tough, it’s a wild battle where both girls gain control but eventually Ivy beats her and with the help of Karlie they tie her up so Ivy can tweek and squeeze her tits then pound both tits and gut and finally she sensuously strokes her captive till she gets a wild orgasm. Next it’s Misty’s turn and not to be outdone she goes crazy on poor Prinzzess, sitting on her breasts and pulling her legs up over her head securing a total victory then handcuffing her so she can use the spiked gloves on her milky white skin, then she uses her whole body to give the blonde babe a glorious orgasm. Karlie decides the winner who gets to put handcuffs on her competitor and then destroy her as she wishes, and she does it so completely then ties Prinzzess to the ring ropes and goes to the outside of the ring so she sexes her slave up from behind and so complete is this sex that our gorgeous Prinzzess can not help but have a sexual explosion. Four fabulous beauties with great fighting, fabulous domination and enticing sex – it’s no winder this is such a popular series… you get so much in one video !!!!!

TOPLESS DOMINATION CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Have you seen Sara Jessie get stretched and destroyed if not you are in for a real treat because when this thin muscular body gets bent and pummeled it can be a thing of beauty and what tops off this happening is the queen of control; Jewell Marceau and Jewell’s breasts have never looked bigger as she lords her voluptuous body over the gorgeous waif. Watch as mistress Jewell contorts her victim over the ropes, over her knees, over her haunches and over her whole body – she has so much fun with her when she has splayed and arrayed, she strokes and claws her gut and pussy, then pounds her defenseless breasts and gut but she is still not satisfied… she wants that beautiful body to shine and shine it does once the oil is lathered liberally – that ab six pack really pops and those nipples glitter as they stand erect. Jewell even uses her fleshy breasts to smother her distorted foe. This is all fabulous but the cherry on top is when she hags her from the ceiling, our gorgeous shimmering babe is really stretched to the max, and to put some whip cream on that cherry beautiful Jewell unleashes her tongue to stoke this amazing body – get ready to stretch your fun to the limit !!!!!

LINGERIE CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Cherie Deville and Karlie Montana are wearing their sexiest black lingerie for today’s fight. They have black bras, panties, and thigh high stockings on. Their tiny thong underwear hides in between their plump ass cheeks. Each girl takes a spin for the camera before heading to the center of the ring. Karlie knocks Cherie to the mat and repeatedly kicks her in the lower back. This makes Cherie’s ass jiggle as she grunts from each kick. Karlie lets her whimpering foe up, which proves to be a mistake. Cherie bear hugs Karlie from the front, back, and even picks her up. Karlie’s lower half wiggles in the air until Cherie drops her hard to the ring. Cherie picks up Karlie’s legs and applies a Boston crab that frames the buttocks of both fighters perfectly. Cherie and Karlie attack one another’s lower backs so much that they take a break half way through the fight to stretch out their backs in their corner. This is yet another moment for some extreme voyeuristic butt worshiping. Cherie and Karlie have the bodies and the fighting spirit to make this an instant classic. You are surely going to love every moment of this asstastic catfight.


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