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— 68 MINUTES —

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Oh come on you have all wanted to see Cali Logan in one of those hot sling wedgie cat fights, well here it is and with the glorious Cherie Deville to really make it special, and Cherie is not liking all the time they are giving Cali for her come back photos and lets everyone know it. It is soon apparent the blonde has her own welcoming plan for gorgeous Cali and it ain’t no party. Soon both ladies are pulling on those string slings and of course they are sliding up their orifices, Cali gets control and we are treated to that sling splitting Cherie’s amazing robust ass, she even bends her over the ropes so we get a special view of that behind. Cali really seems to enjoy her control and even starts to wedgie her foe in front causing the blonde to jump all the way to the top rope and then she goes after her chest with tweaks and twists to nipples and breasts. Finally Cherie gets her chance, she really wants some revenge and goes hard on Cali’s sleek figure, she doesn’t just pull that string up that petit ass, no she gives it a good spanking causing those tight cheeks to jiggle and sway. These are two of the best ladies in the business and they are out to prove it in this video, when they get naked they get even wilder – every position from face sitting to crotch clawing is done with not just bad intentions but wild bad intentions — so erotic, so sexy, so wild — two of the very best doing what they do !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Everyone wants these two together; Goldie Blair and Skylar Rene – so tough so strong so beautiful, get ready because these two combine the best of wrestling with the best of catfighting. We get the reverse head scissors then the face-sit and when Goldie drops her ass she plants it deep and when Skylar sinks in a head lock she turns it into some wild titty twisting but even as strong as Skylar is — today it’s the mean that weans the pride from the Sky, that’s right Goldie gets control and won’t let go – butt smothers, camel clutches, chokes, breast smothers, grape vine and it’s all sublime. Yes Goldie is on a rampage after the muscular one destroys her against the ropes then has her in a waist scissor and punches her breasts – Goldie goes crazy on her with so many savage holds; over the rope she chokes her, super slugs and kicks to the gut and breast destruction, but the ass smother is the very best because Goldie uses her legs to slam Skylar’s face deep in her ass. Now we know why everyone wants these two together – WOW !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Liz Ashley and Christie Stevens are beautiful blonde business ladies. They stand eye to eye in a tense stare down. Their sizeable breasts press firmly together as they sling insults at one another. Liz grabs a handful of Christie’s golden locks and yanks hard. Christie grasps two handfuls of Liz’s long straight hair and pulls even harder. The women stumble awkwardly around the room because of their tall high-heeled shoes. After both women’s heads have been jerked for an uncomfortable number of minutes, they both agree to remove their tops and bras in order to facilitate a better fight. Christie turns around and allows Liz to slowly unhook her bra. Christie returns the favor. The women immediately begin mauling each other’s peach hued breasts. Their pink nipples take an intolerable amount of the punishment as both girls pinch and scratch at what becomes an effective bulls eye. When Liz and Christie aren’t pulling each other’s hair or mauling one another’s breasts, they are mounting each other, letting their long legs and panty hose entwine. If you love watching topless busty blondes rolling around on the floor together, (and who doesn’t,) then you are going to be thrilled with this steamy catfight.


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