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— 76 MINUTES —

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Two big beautiful babes going all the way, what could be more enjoyable especially when they are both amazing beauties; Christina Carter and Tylene Buck, two of the great legends are going at it in this classic nude cat fight. Tylene is wearing stolen jeans and Christina plans on ripping them off her amazing body, get ready because these two are bent of destruction, both begin ripping their clothes off, first the tops are wrenched off allowing them to attack those bountiful breasts and I do mean attack as they pinch, gouge, slap and savagely bite and they are just getting started because now the tight jeans get ripped off allowing our wild nudes go all the way – they even bite the now exposed pussies, ouch this looks like it’s really painful,Tylene even holds Christina’s legs apart while she has an extended munch and chomp. Their naked bodies contort is so many enjoyable positions and all so they are better positioned to inflict more demolition; from behind, over the couch, splayed on the floor and so many more. You love these two, now see them go at each other in all their wild naked biting glory !!!!!!

PRO-STYLE BIKINI MATCH 2 – We so love new girls, especially when they know how to wrestle and are gorgeous blondes, here she is; Astrid Star – her hair is long and blonde and her body is sleek and firm, with a fresh smiling face that lights up the ring. And who does this young grappler face, non other than the great Hollywood, both look so sexy in their high wrestling boots and skimpy bikinis, so skimpy our new blonde’s breasts keep popping out and we are treated to her full beautiful chest, Hollywood loves them so she can’t help but pull down that top to tweak those jutting nipples. Now Astrid knows how to wrestle but after a very long test of strength the veteran takes control and Hollywood applies her many excruciating holds: leg bars, head scissors, chokes, figure four head scissors, but when our new Star slams a fist into Holly’s chin everything changes – now we can enjoy Astrid’s prowess as a wrestler as she applies her deadly holds; scissors, leg locks, figure four head scissor, figure four leg lock, and so many more. Will Hollywood be able to come back from all of this torment, she is amazing and more experienced than any wrestler but this is youth in its most robust – will this sleek new beauty be the end of a dynasty or will the pro be back, in any case you are treated to a fabulous match with a great new girl !!!!!!

TOPLESS OIL MATCH 3 – Alix Lynx and Sarah Jessie are spending some alone time together in their bright colored bikinis. They are more than friends and are excited to be able to play with each other’s bodies. Sarah throws Alix on the couch and pulls her top down. She squeals giddily and immediately starts kissing and licking Alix’s perky breasts. Alix moans and arches her back. Alix pushes Sarah onto her back and begins worshiping Sarah’s tight body. The blonde buddies suck on one another’s nipples until they are warmed up enough to head towards the kiddie pool. Alix and Sarah pour oil on each other and then rub and caress their bodies while moaning. Sarah holds Alix down and uses her hands and breasts to massage every inch of Alix’s body. When Alix can’t handle the pleasure, she twitches and bucks until Sarah is thrown off of her. Alix then returns the favor to her oiled down best friend. The women eventually leave the pool and wrap themselves up in the ropes and turnbuckle as they kiss and stretch against one another. The video ends with each woman taking a turn holding onto an overhead bar while she is caressed. This allows each masseur unbridled access to her partner’s body. This is a very fun and flirty video with two topless blondes.


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