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— 78 MINUTES —

NUDE DOMINANCE MATCH 1 – The ever popular Prinzzess sex slave series is back and her boss is back to dominate and no one dominants like the gorgeous Misty Stone. We start where Prinzzess was left in their last adventure 1368-03 when Prinzzess was hog tied over the ropes, blind folded and dog collared – Misty takes her from behind, she is so attracted to that alluring ass in the air – she strokes her pussy and smacks her butt till the blonde shakes from orgasmic pleasure. Misty then frees her and informs her that today it’s not just sex but wrestling, yes she is going to let her fight. Free from all her restraints Prinzzess doesn’t know what to do and Misty seeing her apprehension says she will even turn her back to help and… wow, Prinzzess goes crazy — finally free she attacks !!! Misty is stunned by the ferocity, not sure what’s going on but she knows when her leg is over the blonde’s shoulder and fists are being pounded in the gut that it really hurts – and this is just the beginning; bow and arrow, leg stretch, crotch blows, camel clutch, figure four leg choke then tied up and instruments of pain used like spiked glove and metal spikes. Of course this is by no means done because Misty gets away and we have a whole new battle that will blow you away as it does one of the girls, who ends up bound and stretched from the ceiling, so sexy seeing that young body blowing in the wind. Two naked beauties battling for dominance then using that dominance to destroy !!!!!

NUDE MATCH (ONE MODEL) 2 – Odette Delacroix is a petite little blonde. Her dainty frame is wrapped up in a leopard print bikini. She is prancing around the ring when Sinn Sage comes strolling in. Sinn has a hardy laugh at her smaller opponent. Sinn is confident that her superior strength and sturdy rear end will crush Odette. The fight begins with Odette removing her bikini so she is completely nude. Odette then uses her bikini to choke Sinn. Sinn is caught completely off guard. Odette cackles with laughter as she manhandles her larger foe. Odette removes Sinn’s bikini top and then smiles confidently. Sinn musters up some energy to fight back. She attacks Odette’s bare crotch. With Odette laid out on the mat, Sinn stomps down hard on Odette’s soft groin. Sinn then uses Odette’s own bikini to tie her up. She makes sure to use her immensely powerful buttocks to smother Odette’s small blonde head. In this pulse pounding match, Sinn goes from rolling her eyes to having her eyes roll into the back of her head. Who will win, the undersized underdog or the powerful amazon?

TOPLESS CATFIGHT ADVENTURE MATCH 3 – Tia Kai is a hot Asian beauty and she is teamed up with another gorgeous Asian, Mai Mao, they are tasked with taking down an evil vampire soothsayer that puts on wicked spells, Christina Carter. Mai breaks into the evil ones lair and fights off her male henchmen, after destroying him she moves to another room where she confronts Christina and attempts to over power her with punches but soon finds this is no mere mortal – the evil one soon takes over and chokes Mai out then puts a spell on her to keep her docile while she sucks her beautiful breasts which allows her to literally suck the energy right out of her – oh does she suck, pulling and licking she sucks the hell out of those amazing breasts, then leaves Mai splayed on the floor where Tia finds her. Desperately Tia tries to revive her friend but is attacked by the evil one who soon has her choked and stripped so she can suck the life out of her tits then goes to sucking her toes. Both girls are now under her spell and she proceeds to put them in all kinds of gut wrenching holds like scissors and face sits and even makes them destroy each other – oh she is an evil spell thrower who so delights in face sitting her poor victims into oblivion. Two amazingly gorgeous Asians being destroyed by the evil voluptuous energy sucking Christina — so much fun !!!!!!


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