Alix vs. Tana Lea

Time/Size: 21 min / 509 MB

A super sexy catfight, I love it – you know how sexy Alix Lynx is and we’ve added a new sex siren; Tana Lea, a robust red head that wants to melt your screen. And to show you just how sexy they are both beauties do a sexy strip that shows off their strikingl figures in wildly sexy lingerie. Time to find out who is stronger as a long test of strength drives each beauty into the wall but finally Alix wears down Tana and she slides to her knees where the sexy blonde pins her to the wall and rubs her crotch into her face, so sexy watching Alix’s butt sway as she smothers. Next we have a sustained bear hug again ending with one girl pinning her pussy in the others face. Time to get serious as the breasts come out and they trade powerful blows to both face and gut, gut bombs against the wall ending with great chokes; figure four and reverse. Then a super breast smother, tits smashed into a beautiful face till she can take no more – are we done… no way, when it’s a sexy catfight we can only end with another sexy dance to really rub the loss in her foe’s face — definitely a super sexy catfight !!!!!