Prinzzess vs. Capri

Time/Size: 26 min / 633 MB

On her couch Prinzzess answers the phone where she is told that if she wants a better job at the company she will have to fight Capri, Prinzzess knows it’s because Capri used sex to get this opportunity but fine, she is a much better fighter and she will beat the hell out of Capri.  The next day at the ring Prinzzess is angry because Capri is late so when she does show up Prinzzess gives her hell, but surprisingly Capri is very calm, even cocky as she struts around topless showing off her amazing body.  Prinzzess gets in her face and tells her how many fights she’s had and how tough she is, still doesn’t phase Capri, hell she even gets sexy with the blonde and prods her into taking her top off.  The fight starts with a long test of strength, how glorious it is to see two stunning beauties strain their fabulous bodies, we get so many views of these perfect figures, this is one of those times we are glad we have two cameras because we don’t want to miss a bit of this.  Capri forces a pin and Prinzzess in furious, but Capri just saunters back to her corner where she sprays her body down with water, now all those beautiful curves glisten – not to be outdone Prinzzess also puts a shine on with water that drips down her erect nipples.  Tough Prinzzess has a great come back with a camel clutch and chokes from hell.  A back and forth battle now ensues with more water and those amazing bodies straining for victory !!!!!!