Christina vs Tia Kai & Mai Mao


Time/Size: 29 min / 706 MB

Tia Kai is a hot Asian beauty and she is teamed up with another gorgeous Asian, Mai Mao, they are tasked with taking down an evil vampire soothsayer that puts on wicked spells, Christina Carter. Mai breaks into the evil ones lair and fights off her male henchmen, after destroying him she moves to another room where she confronts Christina and attempts to over power her with punches but soon finds this is no mere mortal – the evil one soon takes over and chokes Mai out then puts a spell on her to keep her docile while she sucks her beautiful breasts which allows her to literally suck the energy right out of her – oh does she suck, pulling and licking she sucks the hell out of those amazing breasts, then leaves Mai splayed on the floor where Tia finds her. Desperately Tia tries to revive her friend but is attacked by the evil one who soon has her choked and stripped so she can suck the life out of her tits then goes to sucking her toes. Both girls are now under her spell and she proceeds to put them in all kinds of gut wrenching holds like scissors and face sits and even makes them destroy each other – oh she is an evil spell thrower who so delights in face sitting her poor victims into oblivion. Two amazingly gorgeous Asians being destroyed by the evil voluptuous energy sucking Christina — so much fun !!!!!!

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