Adriana vs. Christina

Time/Size: 18 min / 458 MB

Adriana Sephora is caressing her luxurious curves in the DT dressing room as she tells the camera how ready she is for today’s fight against Christina Carter. Adriana parades her plump booty into the ring wearing red lingerie and black thigh high stockings. Christina climbs through the ropes wearing black lingerie. Christina is the current champ and is looking forward to dropping the number 1 contender. The girls go to their corners to limber up before their fight. There are no pins in this match. The rules are meant to mimic a street fight. Almost anything goes and one only gets a point by knocking out or submitting their opponent. Adriana and Christina swing wildly and grunt loudly. Christina puts Adriana on the mat and stomps down on her stomach hard. She gets behind Adriana, puts in both of her hooks, and rear naked chokes Adriana unconscious. Adriana slows come to and crawls to her corner. In the next round, Adriana knocks Christina on her back and reverse schoolgirl pins her. With her sharp nails, Adriana rips apart Christina’s panty hose. Christina’s large breasts are no match for her flimsy black bra. They peak out over and over again during the fight. Eventually, Adriana removes Christina’s bra and keeps it as a trophy. This knock down drag out catfight is worth every penny.

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