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— 80 MINUTES —

TOPLESS RING CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Have you been missing that sexy blonde; Christie Stevens well miss her no longer because we found another match of this amazing babe and to make it even better she is matched up against a spunky Emily Austin. Both ladies start out topless and dueling with a few tests; first they have an Indian leg contest where their curvy gams lock up and strain for a best two out of three, next they smash those beautiful breasts together for a tit attack as they use their breasts to try to force each other across the ring and after a lot of smashed boobs we have a winner. Now time for our multi fall wrestle off and soon into the first fall sleek Emily body slams Christie, and by the air in this throw we know Emily is here to dish out some pain. If that great body slam wasn’t enough she sits on her face so she can pound her gut then maul her amazing breasts. We forget how sexy Christie is with her ivory skin and voluptuous figure and she can fight too as we see from her come back with her own body slams and airplane spins – we have a battle as both babes go after breasts wth great holds like scissors and camel clutches and tons of super gut slugs. Of course they always go back to those body slams so get ready for a slammin’ great match with two sexy babes we haven’t seen in way too long !!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Big girls, don’t we love em; Raven Heart and Mindi Mink, two super curvaceous fems that love to throw their beautiful weight around and that weight works great when they use it to pull those suits up their robust asses with atomic wedgies, then to the front so they can split pussies with those thin threads. I especially love it when Mindi rolls Raven on her face laces her bikini in her feet and lifts her up so she can grab her pussy, thing of beauty or when Raven spreads her ample brown butt on Mindi’s face, hard she plants it so she can maul her breasts then her crotch – or even better when on their knees they have a test of strength which turns into a mutual pussy grab, which one can endure the agony longest — you’ll want to find out because these big babes love to roll. Eventually the suits come off but the black stocking stay on as our curvaceous cuties go hard after each other, boy do these MILFs love to fight, and neither fleshy fem plans on losing – but one does and she is so humiliated but demands a rematch — gotta love the big girls !!!!!!

CATFIGHT (ONE MODEL TOPLESS) MATCH 3 – Tia Kai paid Skylar Rene to beat someone up for her. Skylar beat the poor target up. The only problem is that Tia doesn’t have the money to pay Skylar. She has been ducking Skylar for a couple months now. However, today Skylar finally gets a hold of Tia. Terrified, Tia admits to Skylar that she can’t pay her. Skylar grabs Tia and bear hugs her. Tia’s short legs kick without touching the ground. She screams, which only seems to make Skylar laugh. Skylar sits Tia in front of her and scissors her tiny ribs and waist. Skylar’s long and muscular legs flex as they crush Tia’s dainty frame. Skylar uses those same “thunder thighs” to squeeze Tia’s pretty face and neck. To add to the humiliation, Skylar removes Tia’s top, exposing some very perky tits. With Tia on the floor moaning, Skylar uses her feet to squeeze her head and cheeks. After being crushed for a half an hour straight, Skylar finally puts Tia to sleep with a rear naked choke. I don’t think Tia will ever leave a bill unpaid again.


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