Match 1 -This match is a continuation of a long string of DT matches and story lines. The last two were 991-03: Samantha versus Capri, and 981-03: Samantha and Karlie. In this tape however, Capri Cavanni takes on Kimberly Jane . These two goddesses battle each other on in a best of five pin or submission match. Capri and Kim have amazing bodies and lucky for us, they are showing them off. Both girls are wearing lacy black bras and sexy stockings. Watching their stocking covered butts and legs squeeze tight for head scissors is especially delightful. Get ready for sexiness because this match is filled to the brim.

Match 2 Akira Lane and Emily Addison are lethal fighters and gorgeous females, and today they face each other in the world famous DT ring. The match begins with a long stretching session that is sure to make any viewer excited for the fight to come. This best of seven match features loads of pins. Expect some saucy bear hugs and schoolgirl pins to accompany the loads of gut shots these girls inflict on one another. The brightly colored and ultra tiny bikinis are fun and do wonders to accentuate the beautiful curves of Emily and Akira. This match has hot girls and great wrestling, what more could you ever want?!

Match 3 Francesca Le catches Goldie Blair snooping through her house and isn’t to happy about it. The two lionesses fight ferociously, trading powerful haymakers with little sign of stopping. Eventually Francesca falls to the incredible strength of Goldie. Francesca is beaten and moaning when Goldie hears Francesca’s friend, Hollywood enter the house. Goldie hides and then ambushes Hollywood when she least expects it. Goldie unleashes the same intense and crushing blows upon Hollywood, leaving her slumped over in the corner. However, this gives Francesca enough time to regroup. She catches Goldie off guard and proceeds (with Hollywood’s help) to beat the snot out of Goldie. You are going to love how these girls destroy each other in this awe-inspiring revenge match.


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