— 77 MINUTES —

NUDE SUBMISSION MATCH 1 – SHE’S BACK — ALYSSA REESE, we have all loved her and missed her so much but she is back and I must say she looks better than ever, trim muscular and as beautiful as ever. This is a European match because this is where Alyssa spends most of her time and we were so lucky to get her paired with the fabulous Minnie who looks stronger than ever and is one of the great Euro champions so we know we are in for a glorious match. Of course being a Euro match the girls strip all their clothes off, because when in Europe, go nude – immediately we are impressed with these amazing bodies, both ladies have the most incredible natural figures, so lean and strong and ready to show off their power because this is a submission match, yes each lady gets to put on a hold and make their foe submit, strong legs surround small waists and flex as each lady straps on a body scissors, then bow and arrow, leg splitters, ab stretches, figure four leg lock and an over the shoulder back breaker. These ladies are two of the very best and they can both dish out the pain and both are as tough as they come so they can really take it, but can you take it — they are so tough it takes over 30 minutes to get a winner.

The amazing ALYSSA REESE is back and we are all so excited to have her back, also she is ready to do more matches in Europe so get those customs ready because there are a plethora of gorgeous girls she would love to battle and remember she would also love to do an X match – she so loves to mix her fighting with sex, so let’s put this super fem to work — she’s ready, are you ?!?!?!?

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Tylene Buck vs Christina Carter in a nude catfight, what more needs to be said, I mean you know this is going to be wild and sooo hot. Trust me this one won’t let you down as these babes get right to it, after arguing about their clothes and how they fit they proceed to rip them off. Sans clothes they get really wild, especially like it when Christina is beside Tylene and has one hand in her pussy and the other in her large breasts and she is inflicting pain to both areas, that side shot of Tylene writhing is spectacular and this is just one of many as these wild fems are out to prove something. Tylene mounts the buxom one only to find her pussy lips being stretched then her ass gouged, then the big blonde wraps her legs around Christina, now it’s her turn to go after Christina’s pussy and ass – these two are constantly trading dominate positions – they roll into each other only to bite tits, both at the same time are clamping down on to those fleshy mounds. On their knees they go tit to tit with bearhugs and gouging, then to all fours as they stalk each other like cats, and these cats use their teeth and claws, boy do they ever – until one finally gets the other stretched over the ropes and after going hard on her crotch she finishes her with pussy and breast destruction from both inside and out of the ring, leaving her naked victim’s body extended over the bottom rope, a view that will linger with you for days – and keep you smiling !!!!!!!

NUDE MATCH (1 WRESTLER) MATCH 3 – Capri Cavanni shows up for today’s match with a shocked look on her face. She didn’t know that her scheduled bout with Astrid Star was an oil match. She turns awkwardly to leave the ring. Astrid laughs and moves to block Capri from leaving the ring. “You’re not going anywhere.” Astrid starts removing Capri’s silk robe. Capri yells, “What are you doing? You can’t do this!” Astrid strips Capri until she is wearing nothing more than a flimsy white bikini. Capri is in full survival mode at this point. She turns and rips Astrid’s robe like an injured cat. Astrid throws Capri in the inflatable oil filled kiddie pool and then jumps in after her. In a matter of moments, both girls are topless and sliding around violently. Each time Capri remembers that she never agreed to an oil match she crawls to the edge of the pool in an effort to escape. Each time, Astrid grabs Capri and drags her back in. Astrid even removes her own panties and wraps them around Capri’s neck so she can wrangle her wherever she wants. Watching these perfect hourglass shapes covered in oil, writhing on top of one another is sheer perfection.


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