Lana vs. Skylar

Time/Size: 23 min / 586 MB

Skylar Rene and Lana Violet are hanging out on the couch. Lana is wearing a purple bikini, while Skylar is topless in black panties. Lana gets a call from her boyfriend. She lights up and quickly answers the phone. Her smile melts off her face as her boyfriend tells Lana how Skylar has been hitting on him. Lana is livid. She yells profanities at Skylar. Skylar doesn’t seem fazed, even after Lana puts Skylar in a body scissors. Lana squeezes as hard as she can. Skylar simply laughs until she gets bored and reverses the position. Skylar wraps her strong and thick thighs around Lana’s midsection. Skylar flexes and Lana groans as she feels Skylar’s immense strength. This doesn’t stop Lana from talking. She continues to sling insults as Skylar dominates her. Skylar finds this all very amusing. She maneuvers Lana into one position after another. All the while exerting her superiority over her smaller and mouthier opponent. Skylar puts Lana in a standing head scissors, a reverse head scissors, and just about every form of body scissors you could imagine. With Lana trapped between her powerful thighs, Skylar calls Lana’s boyfriend, tells him how she is beating her up and sets up a date for later that night. This is the last thing Lana hears before passing out.

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