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Sasha vs. Serena

Time/Size: 20 min / 495 MB

Boxing baby – with boxing babies, two super hot young babes battering it out; Serena Blair vs Sasha Heart, two cute mouthy sluggers – and I do mean mouthy, these girls can sling the verbal trash but one of them is going to eat all those words. An early blow sends Sasha to the ropes with Serena all over her, blows to the face and gut have her reeling and it doesn’t stop, no she blasts the poor blonde from one end of the ring to the other. Even when Sasha falls to the mat Serena steps on her crotch till she gets back up and faces a new onslaught of blows, even when she turns away on the ropes Serena blasts her kidneys, over and over she smacks her till again she goes to the canvas where Serena continues her flood of blows even blasting her beautiful butt as it rises from the canvas, such a great target – yes smack that ass till she gets up to take more. Finally a bell and Sasha uses the break to get her strength back and when she comes back in she seems to be in control – not, Serena takes control back and if possible she gets even more destructive, when the blonde goes down she forces her face in Serena’s butt. Off comes Sasha’s top so Serena can batter her breasts with a flood of blows, even rubbing her breasts on the ropes — this is an ultimate beat down – a boxing beat down for the ages !!!!!!

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