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Match 1Liz Ashley is one sexy blonde and watching her get totally dominated by Max Makita is so much fun, and when I say dominated, I mean total control – at times she only uses one hand to hold her wrists as she destroys her but first she strips her naked. Even when the sexy blonde gets on top of the bare chested Max it is only a ploy for the strong Asian to show her power as she slowly pulls Ashley’s arms behind her back then contorts her naked body in so many fun positions. Naked looks so good on this girl as she squirms and writhes, her blonde hair flies across her beautiful face as the sexy strong one woman handles her. Max has this sexy body in all positions: breast to breast, on the bottom, on top, from the back but always she controls those arms thus always controlling her victim; the super sexy blonde !!!!

Match 2Serena Blair is a young hot babe that is fast becoming one of our up and coming stars, get ready because this little lady is the one to watch and you will so enjoy watching her. She is gloating over her winnings from her first match when Kristy Etzold and Christina Carter confront her, they don’t want this newbie to get too cocky – too late, she is already cocky and not afraid of these big girls that lord over her. This is just too much for the veterans and they throw her in the ring for some double teaming destruction. One holds as the other pounds that firm gut, this isn’t good enough they strip her naked, and let me tell you this little lady has one beautiful little body. The duo bring all the abuse; work her over in the corner, swing her and drop, ride her like a pony, double leg scissors, and my favorite the double bow and arrow – their feet crash into her perfect breasts smashing them as each takes a leg and arm and pulls her apart… never thought pain could be so beautiful. But watch out because our little cutie can take a lot of abuse and she just might be able to come back and what an amazing come back that would be !!!!

Match 3 -Ok, for all those hold outs, the few of you that still haven’t bought a Euro match, this is the one; Henessy and Minnie have two of the best natural bodies around. Just watch as Minnie stretches in the beginning, her rock hard body without an ounce of fat allowing her pert natural breasts to be stretched above that protruding rib cage, then in walks Henessy, she has a bit more meat on her bones, just enough to allow her natural breasts to bounce just that right amount. Both girls are naked and have their hair pulled back – ready for a fight, nude is the way they prefer to get it on. Soon Minnie works an abdominal stretch on the braided brunette, and watching this body get stretched is a true pleasure – their accents make the pain sound so much better, just love the way they talk. Soon they are into my favorite as they each apply a leg spreader … oh my, it may be pain for them but it is so much pleasure for us as these beautiful young brown bodies are spread to their limits. Arm bars, surf boards, scissors and so many more great holds as these naked Amazons go to war – see Europe the way it was meant to be seen, in all it’s glorious naked beauty. Trust me these two gorgeous battling babes will not disappoint – a must see !!!!!


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