Missy Luv vs. Minnie Manga

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT 1438-03 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 552 MB


Minnie is one of the toughest babes in all of Europe, and she is also gorgeous – but most of all she loves to dominate so when Missy comes along it’s just too good to be true. This slim blonde beauty was tailor made for one of Minnie’s dom adventures, she so loves to work over thin ladies so she can see their ribs and Missy is perfect. A full nelson starts the stretch but it’s when Min puts the blonde over her knee in a back breaker that she almost orgasms, those ribs are so defined and her pert little breasts open up, inviting Minnie to tweak and pull. Now Minnie is really getting into her dominance, she uses many exciting positions, my favorite is over the big exercise ball where she really goes to town on her victim. Then she takes the whole fight up a notch as she ties Missy’s hands behind her back and thrusts her hands down Missy’s bikini bottoms so she can rub her pussy and get them both on the edge of sexual explosion and this continues as she bends her over a stool and gets out a vibrator – Missy’s fabulous thin body shakes all over, her blonde hair twirls as she squeals with lust from the vibrator flowing over her body – her ribs and breast protrude to the utmost. Sexual dominance with fabulous positions that will definitely entertain all !!!!!!