Sarah Brooke & Miko


DT-1439-03  / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 571 MB

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Sarah Brooke is bouncing around in the ring as she gets ready for her match with Miko. She is cracking joke after joke about how pathetic Miko is and how easy the match will be. As Sarah runs her mouth, Miko slinks into the ring. She sneaks up behind Sarah. With catlike quickness, Miko jumps on Sarah’s back and locks in a picture perfect rear naked choke. Within moments, Sarah is snoring and Miko is standing over her with a giant grin. Miko boasts at how easily she put down her loudmouth opponent. She waits for Sarah to wake up. Sarah awakes from her nap only to have Miko pounce on her. Miko grabs Sarah by her red ponytail and drags her around the ring on all fours. However, before Miko can put Sarah in another sleeper hold, Sarah lands an elbow and takes control of the fight. Sarah puts Miko down and applies a reverse figure four headlock. Miko passes out quickly, evening the score and putting more wind in Sarah’s sails. Sarah puts Miko in the corner and uses her wrestling boots to stomp on Miko’s delicate neck. Could the rest of this video possibly end with Sarah continuing to dominate Miko? If you want to see, you will have to watch to find out.