Sarah Brooke & Ember Snow

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Wrestling Match (one wrestler topless)

DT-1443-03 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 622

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Sarah Brooke just joined a new tag team. However, her new tag team partner is late. When Ember Snow finally shows up she is less than apologetic. Sarah simply cannot put up with this kind of disrespect. She challenges Ember to a fight before they join forces as a tag team. Ember thinks this is hilarious and immediately starts posing for the camera. The bell rings and Sarah jumps on Ember. Ember can’t believe what is happening. She yells and complains to Sarah to no avail. The women go back and forth choking each other in head scissors. Sarah fights ferociously, but Ember takes the upper hand. She uses her perky tits to breast smother Sarah until she passes out. Ember pins her unconscious opponent and takes the first round. While Ember is gloating to the camera about her win, we can see Sarah waking up. She quietly sneaks behind Ember for a surprise attack. Sarah grabs a big handful of Ember’s long, perfectly straight, black hair and walks her around the ring on all fours like a dog. Sarah plants a tight full nelson on Ember, which shows off Ember’s adorable tits. Sarah manhandles Ember for the rest of the video. She even leaves her terrorized little foe tied up and topless with fear glowing in her eyes.