DT 1417-03 / Time: 33 Minutes / Size: 805 MB


Bonus, bonus, bonus — four nude beauties in two fabulous matches! Get ready because we are taking a trip to Europe for these amazing naked warriors. In the first match we have Nesty, returning after a five year DT hiatus, but she is basically a newbie. She is pitted against the veteran Brandy. Yes Nesty is a petite blonde, and has no right going up against the statuesque Brandy. But since she almost beat her last opponent, Nesty is raring to go. A test of strength has Brandy towering over the smaller wrestler. We get a good idea just how gorgeous Brandy is, as she uses her power to subdue the cute blonde. But she soon finds this feisty little lass has some tricks of her own, as she rolls Brandy into a full nelson scissors combo. Soon Brandy is out and ready to really dominate as she strips Nesty nude and takes off her own clothes; then a stretching bow and arrow just to teach her a lesson. But the feisty one reverses and secures a grapevine on the bigger girl showing off both their amazing bodies – many more holds show off these fabulous ladies. So much fun watching these two, it’s a great match by itself… BUT get ready because we have another one, where we are introducing one of the most beautiful Euro girls of all, Akira! No not the US Akira, this is the Euro version, and she has a figure that is truly amazing, such long, lean legs that connect to one of the most fabulous asses. She is gorgeous right down to her dainty natural breasts. Hell all these beautiful Euro babes have natural bodies! And speaking of naturals, we find a naked Minnie, who is talked into teaching our new asian beauty how to wrestle, but Minnie does it her way – her way is to put on each move with maximum pain. And Minnie has the muscles and experience to do it; grapevine, scissors, arm bar, leg stretcher, figure four leg lock, camel clutch, bow and arrow, Boston Crab, and one spectacular bear hug… what a lesson. BONUS, BONUS, BONUS — two for one, four incredible natural beauties — all in this one super video – enjoy!!!!!!