— 68 MINUTES —

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Raven Hart and Romi Rain are voluptuous brunettes. They are standing in their corners wearing schoolgirl skirts with their plump breasts out for the world to see. They get to the fighting right away. In the middle of the ring they grab at each other’s plaid skirts and the tiny thongs they are wearing underneath the skirts. As they yank upwards, the small skirts lift and reveal Raven and Romi’s shapely round asses as they jiggle. Both women are proud of their curvy bodies. They shake their tits and ass for the camera with a big smile on their face. Whenever they find themselves on top of their opponent they jam their big breasts in their opponent’s face. While this may not be the most effective way to suffocate someone, it is by far the most entertaining. Raven knocks Romi down to the canvass and uses this opportunity to remove the rest of Romi’s clothing. Romi returns the favor and quickly frees Raven of her skirt and underwear. The fighters roll around the mat completely naked. The eventual winner straddles her weakened foe. Grasping for any weapon she can find, she grabs her opponent’s schoolgirl skirt and uses it to choke her enemy combatant into unconsciousness. If you are interested in watching two large breasted brunettes fight each other in the nude, then this is surely the video for you.

TOPLESS FANTASY CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Those damn vampires are everywhere now a days, thank god we have beautiful vampire slayers that will risk their lives to battle the dark bitches. Alix Lynx is one of these valiant babes, dressed in her sexiest school girl outfit with short skirt, ankle socks and heels, oh so sexy, she puts on her garlic lip gloss – even puts it in her crotch and on her breasts, now she is ready for that dark bitch and just in time because Vampirra appears. Tana Lea is the sexy vampire in her so skimpy vampire suit, she tells Alix she is here to destroy her for all the slaying this blonde babe has been wreaking on her friends – the fight is on with slap after slap as they smack those pretty faces, following up with kicks and slugs but neither will give an inch till finally the Vamp has Alix against the wall and batters her then pulls her skirt up to molest her crotch. Our hero blonde falls to the floor where many excruciating holds are applied ending with a long face sit and boob smother, now with her foe almost destroyed our sexy vamp decides to kiss her victim — big mistake, the garlic takes hold and the fight reverses. Now it’s Alix’s turn to destroy, both women have their shapely tits protruding from their holsters, they each attack and get attacked by these fleshy weapons. Alix now returns all that destruction but can she last… This is one fabulous vampire adventure as these two sexy fems go at it and you will love this new babe; Tana Lea, she is one hot vampire – slaying has never been such sexy fun !!!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND — that’s right, Alyssa Reese vs. Minnie for the European belt. A few months ago we had their first match (that went over thirty minutes) and everyone was so glad to see Alyssa back, especially fighting such an amazing grappler as Minnie. Not only is Minnie tough, but she is gorgeous with her natural strong body, and everyone knows Alyssa has the body from heaven, so lean and muscular, and that face and smile that will melt you. So after that first fight there was such a clamor for another, we just had to do it and it worked out the belt was vacant, and these are the two best wrestlers in Europe. This is a one fall match, so both babes must endure the pain of each hold if they are to survive; but first they have to strip naked because all Euro fights must be naked. Soon all that gorgeous flesh is revealed – both with amazing natural bodies. The fight begins with a super test of strength til Minnie takes Alyssa down into the first hold, a killer body scissors. Alyssa’s shapely legs thrash and pound as Minnie cinches tighter. Her dark hair falls in a halo around her gorgeous face, but she won’t submit. This is just the first of many amazing holds: grapevine, where Alyssa’s incredible ass is featured as she flexes for pain, back breakers, bear hugs, figure four leg locks, camel clutches, ab stretches and arm bars; and all with super bad intentions. So get ready because this is the one you’ve been waiting for – two super fighters in a one fall naked match that determines the European champion — amazing beauties in an amazing match !!!!!!


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