Ninel Mojado VS Minnie Manga


DT-1405-03 / Time: 31 Minutes / Size: 731 MB

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Wow – you’ve got to see these bodies – lean muscles vs. stout muscles. What amazing figures! So get ready, because Euro babes wrestle nude, and you will love it. Ninel is the big muscle-babe, and she loves showing off those protruding biceps and defined legs. She’s also a beautiful girl with a winning smile! On the other side we find DT favorite Minnie Manga. This is a strong lady with a swimmer’s physique – long and lean- and a fighters mentality. For this contest they will be putting on multiple holds, and seeing if they can get their foe to surrender: ab stretch, arm bar, camel clutch, leg splits, figure four leg lock, over the shoulder back breaker, and my favorite, over the back hang man. So beautiful are those female muscles as they strain in this hold- their butts smashed against the back and their arms stretched forward, a pose deserving of a classic sculpture. It’s so much fun watching these amazing bodies stretched to the extreme — you will love Ninel as much as you have all loved Minnie — ENJOY !!!!!!


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