Idelsy Love vs. Capri Cavanni


DT-1406-03 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 472 MB

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Capri Cavanni is a secret agent. Her newest mission is to seduce and take down an evil politician named Idelsy Love. Idelsy’s favorite hang out is a local strip club. Capri will have to go undercover as a stripper. She will lure Idelsy into the VIP room for a lap dance and then take her out. Capri accepts the mission with a flippant comment about how easy this mission will be. Next, we see Capri leading Idelsy by the hand into the VIP room. Capri removes her skirt and top until she is wearing a small red bikini. She gives Idelsy a very seductive lap dance. Capri slowly removes her top. Idelsy’s eyes grow as she falls in love with the beautiful topless dancer. Capri begins to undress Idelsy until Idelsy is wearing nothing but a pink thong. Just when Idelsy is least expecting it, Capri uses her bikini top to choke Idelsy. Adrenalin shoots through Idelsy as she comprehends the danger. The women begin to tussle. Idelsy removes the fabric from her neck and puts Capri in a head scissors as she tries to get information out of Capri. Using her nails, Capri escapes just before blacking out. She utilizes her shapely buttocks to muffle Idelsy’s screams for security. If you are in the mood for a topless secret agent showdown, then you are in the right place.


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