Idelsy Love vs. Saharra Huxly


DT 1410-03 / Time: 42 Minutes / Size: 994 MB

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Idelsy Love is relaxing around her house in her small pink bikini and high heels. She is horrified to find a large woman with dread locks breaking into her house. She screams for help. The intruder is Saharra Huxly, an extremely tall and strong fighter. Saharra informs Idelsy that she has been sent to punish Idelsy for cheating on her husband. Saharra grabs Idelsy and wraps a powerful bear hug around Idelsy’s petite frame. Idelsy screeches as her ribs are snapped. Saharra laughs and berates Idelsy for being such an unfaithful little slut. Saharra drops Idelsy to the carpet. She traps Idelsy in a waist scissors using the tree trunks that she calls thighs. Idelsy cries, but the tears are meaningless to Saharra. Saharra makes sure to use this time to inform Idelsy of how despicable her actions were. Idelsy’s husband put her through college and then bought her a beautiful home. Idelsy repaid her hard working man by cheating on him. This soul-crushing beat down is her just deserts. Idelsy is too pathetic to even deserve a bikini top. So Saharra removes Idelsy’s top, leaving her topless for the rest of her punishment. Eventually, Idelsy goes limp. This allows Saharra to torture Idelsy like a helpless ragdoll. This oddly specific one-sided beatdown may be just the ticket for you. Download it and see for yourself.