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EURO, EURO, NUDE EURO — we do love these foreign babes, so gorgeous with their natural bodies and alluring accents… These are definitely two of the best, so slim and firm, no fat on these beauties, yet they have such great asses, Brandy and Shona -and Shona has recently beaten the great Minnie- but cocky Brandy is sure she can take her. It’s a multi submission match and of course nude because all the sexy Euro girls only wrestle nude – they love their bodies and why shouldn’t they – their bodies are AMAZING and all natural! When these two beauties lock up you see leg muscles strain and when Shona puts on that first leg scissors the definition in her strained legs is stunning and apparently the pain is also stunning because eventually she gets a submission. Next a girl get s a sub with a straining Boston crab, then a figure four and my favorite is applied by Brandy, a grape vine that shows off her back muscles then down to her straining butt and into her sleek yet muscular legs as she stretches out Shona till she can take no more. They are by no means done; an over the back chin lock, ab stretches, over the shoulder back breaker, figure four leg locks – wow these beauties do it all and they do it NUDE. So many of you have become fans of these awesome Euro babes that we keep ’em coming and we will even give them to you at at a lower price! Watch out these EURO GIRLS ARE TAKING OVER !!!!!!

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