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Skylar vs. Mai Mao

Time/Size: 34 min / 851 MB

Mai Mao is lounging on the couch in her gold bikini when she hears a knock on the door. Skylar Rene stands at the entryway wearing nothing but a grin and a black bikini. Mai Mao is surprised to see this stranger. Skylar explains that she has been hired by Mai’s girlfriend to punish her for cheating. Fear immediately shows in Mai’s eyes. She turns to run for the door. Skylar catches Mai from behind and bear hugs her target. Watching Mai’s large breasts and butt expand outward as she is squeezed tightly is a real treat. Skylar’s well-muscled and athletic body ripples and quivers as she flexes to choke and crush her prey. Mai’s top comes off during her struggle. Skylar grabs the top and uses it to choke the much weaker Mai. She bear hugs and leg scissors Mai until she is delirious. Mai’s eyes roll around the back of her head as Skylar berates Mai for being a “worthless cheater.” Before Mai passes out, Skylar props Mai on her shoulders and airplane spins her. If you want to see the busty Mai Mao crushed and embarrassed for over thirty minute, then you must see this steamy video.

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