Agatha Delicious vs. Erika Jordan


26 Min – 609 MB – High Definition

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Erika Jordan and Agatha Delicious are some brunette baddies and they are ready to slug it out in the boxing ring. Erika wears a white sports bra and green boxing trunks, while Agatha has a black top with black satin trunks. The bell rings and these pugilists march to the center of the ring with violence on their mind. Erika delivers crisp straight shots to Agatha’s chin that back her into the ropes, before she loses her balance, she reaches out and grabs onto Erika’s tanned shoulders, holding on for dear life. The ref splits them up and lucky Agatha is saved by the bell before Erika can send her reeling to the mat. The bell rings and Agatha has finally gotten her legs back beneath her. Both women throw fiery haymakers, taking turns exchanging knockdowns. However, these fighters are tough, no matter how many times it seems they are knocked down, they always seem to get back up. If you want to see a pure boxing match between these beautiful brunettes then this is the fight for you. The tops may stay on in this video, but they definitely let their aggression out for our viewing pleasure.


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