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— 71 MINUTES —

NUDE PRO-STYLE MATCH 1 – Two good reasons why the Euro girls are becoming so popular; Brandy and Lexi, they are striking beauties, not an ounce of fat on these sleek stunners. They start out stretching those amazing natural figures and then Brandy tells the newcomer to strip naked as that’s how they wrestle here, naked they continue to stretch offering us fabulous views of these slender bodies. Time for Brandy to show Lexi the holds, she starts applying a body scissors and makes sure to make it painful so Lexi knows this is for real and when the gorgeous brunette gets her chance she shows how much pain she can inflict as she strains her willowy legs causing Brandy’s naked body to writhe in pain. This is just the beginning because Brandy moves into many more holds: figure four leg lock, arm bar, camel clutch, scissors full nelson combo, grape vine, bear hug, Indian death lock, and another figure four – all are put on poor Lexi with maximum pain. Lexi proves to be quite tough, her beautiful brown body flails in pain as her long braid whips around her gorgeous face – this young beauty is stunning. We all know how amazing Brandy is but Lexi is proving to be her equal. So many of you have gotten on the Euro wagon and know why we love these naked warriors, such natural beauty — we love em !!!!!

TOPLESS LINGERIE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – So nice to see the spunky Celeste Star back in the ring but this time it’s to settle a business dispute with Alix Lynx, she challenges Celeste and if the brunette loses she will have to work for her at very little money and worship her. Alix plans on teaching Celeste a lesson but the first lesson she learns is not to turn your back on the wild brunette, she finds herself in a world of trouble being stretched with a wicked camel clutch and this is just the beginning of her agony, figure four head scissors, chokes and so much more – even takes off Alix’s shirt so we get to see her wonderful lacy bra. Finally the blonde fights back as both ladies are on their knees trading blows, what a great sequence, both beautiful faces are sent flying with each blow until Alix gets Celeste down and plants her prefect ass on that pretty face and takes her bra off. The battering continues as Alix is determined to teach this mouthy wench a lesson, savage kicks and slugs are followed by breathless chokes — Celeste is right where she wants her, ready to kiss her ass and worship her amazing body. So much fun watching these two talk shit and back it up — two of the best !!!!!!

NUDE/THONG MATCH 3 – Prinzzess has her perky tits out for today’s photo shoot. She’s wearing a thong and thigh high panty hose. Her tight and tanned body flexes and stretches for the cameraman. Prinzzess takes this time to talk shit about her rival, Tylene Buck. Tylene has heard Prinzzess talking shit and decides to interrupt her photo shoot. She enters the ring wearing almost exactly the same outfit as Prinzzess. The women square off as their tits squeeze together. Tylene attacks first. She throws Prinzzess into the turnbuckle and begins gut slugging her. Tylene then drops Prinzzess to the mat. She sits on her face and begins to inflict a frontal wedgie. Prinzzess jumps to her feet and takes control. She bends Tylene backwards over the ropes and mauls Tylene’s giant tits. There is lots of great wedgie action in this fun video. At one point, Tylene completely removes Prinzzess’s thong and uses it to wedgie her. Since Prinzzess is now totally nude, Tylene starts to violently attack her crotch. Prinzzess follows suit and removes Tylene’s panties also. The two nude women spend most of the rest of the match riding each other’s faces with their bare crotches. This is a fun catfight between two very dirty blondes.


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