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Christina vs. Olivia

Time/Size: 22 min / 551 MB

She is one sexy cop, Christina Carter in her sexy cop outfit is here to take in one bad criminal, Olivia Austin and this buxom blonde is in some beautiful revealing lingerie – our cop decides she is going to teach this bad girl a lesson before she takes her in and a battle ensures. And what a battle it is as Christina tries to tie up her foe so she can give her a good going over but Olivia has other ideas and puts up a fight, out pop their fulsome breasts as they spank those sweet asses, back and forth on the bed they roll till finally Christina subdues and has her way with her, teaching her a lesson but when she goes to call it in our sexy criminal gets away and now we have another great fight, back and forth, those big breasts plunge out of both tops and get a real work out as they both struggle to get their foe subdued, each almost gets the tie up as they roll and tussle – finally another tie up with hand cuffs and more abuse, but is it the cop or the criminal… two big sexy babes, the good and the bad and their super sexy fight — enjoy !!!!!

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