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Bella vs. Janna

Time/Size: 29 min / 731 MB

Wow, two new ladies in this storied battle, Bella Rosi and Janna Hicks are two battlers you will want to see a lot more of. We start as both babes are dressed in black and sitting in front of a lawyer who reads the will to these widows – both have been married to the deceased and they hate each other. Both feel they deserve the estate but who will he leave all this money to… get ready because the will says they have to fight for the money. Widow’s woes soon turn into widow’s death fight, yes they are fighting over the dead and they are fighting like they want their foe to join him in that forever dirt nap. These are big babes and their punches pack quite a wallop as they smash each other in the face, then comes the wild hair pulling, next they start ripping their black dresses off so they can go from mourning to moaning as these buxom babes go wild on each other. This fight is broken up so they can sign some releases and go to the bedroom and see who gets the money. In the bedroom they tell each other how unworthy they are then rip into each other again. Breasts and crotches get worked over, a fabulous rolling 69 where they just won’t quit destroying pussies. Widow’s that just won’t give up till… New voluptuous babes that put on one hell of a show !!!!!!

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