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Misty vs. Cherie

Time/Size: 22 min / 530 MB

Well it’s about time for another of those great split em matches, where one of our beauties gets constantly pulled apart exposing her feline middle in every possible way, and who better to be the big meanie doing the division than the one and only Misty Stone, yes our black beauty is one of the best when it comes to dominance. Now Cherie Deville is not easily controlled but it’s surprising what one smashing gut shot will do to make one submissive, especially when there is such an aggressive wild woman after her. Misty spends little time striping the blonde beauty and now to teach her a lesson, and this is a lesson Misty wants her pussy never to forget as she invents so many amazing holds and all aimed at suspending that beautiful pussy. Misty is soon stuffing Cherie’s panties in her mouth as she applies a grapevine while slapping that bulbous ass, yes Misty always finds a way to add just that little extra to each excruciating hold. Match books front and back have our beautiful blonde folded in two as we get that great pussy view, and use the ropes boy does she use the ropes for some super stretching. Naked and exposing all, dominance at it’s female centered best !!!!!

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