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Match 1Kendra James is a smart and respected lawyer. However, she is being forced to compete with a low life ambulance-chasing attorney named Idelsy Love. Kendra is furious and she is not going to take this insult lying down. Luckily, Idelsy asks Kendra to meet her at the gym. The two legal beagles meet in the ring and spend a while sensually rubbing oil on each other’s bare, plump tits. Eventually, the ladies get down to the nitty-gritty stuff and begin to punch, kick, and squeeze the will out of one another. Not only does the winner get the highly coveted job, but the loser becomes the winner’s slave and is laid butt up and completely naked on the canvas.

Match 2Christie Stevens has become so popular and it’s easy to see why when one sees this cute little blonde in action, but put her up against an energy loaded sex pistol and we’ll see if she can hold her own, Kymberly Jane is of whom I speak and she is eager to get her hands on the blonde. Hands, I should say breasts, she is eager to get her sweet breasts on her and on her they go as these battlers start off with a breast contest where they smash those soft mounds of flesh into each other pushing each other across the ring. Kimberly has had enough and attacks Christie’s tits with savage punches that have them bouncing, then she digs her fingers deep into flesh. Eventually Christie turns the tables and now she is delivering the flesh shaking blows, and Kym has such great bouncy breasts, then time for her hands to gouge and pinch. Oh how great it is when these ladies grab those pert nipples and lead their foes around the ring, ouch this hurts just to see, then to the ropes where the ropes dig deep into breast flesh. Add a whole bunch of super breast smothers, some fun doggie style milking and we have a fabulous breast match. Super hot women going after their super hot breasts makes for some super hot fun !!!!!

Match 3 -This is one amazing match, if you don’t enjoy these two wild women giving their all then forget it because you won’t ever enjoy any match – that’s right Abigail Mac and Misty Stone go for it and it is such a joy watching these two gorgeous bodies collide. They start off topless showing off their hard bodies and eager muscles, they collide in a long wild lock up that has each lady pushing the other around the ring, the muscles in their arms and legs strain as they strive for dominance. Abby gains control and pinches the hell out of Misty’s long nipples but soon Misty has control of the brunette’s pony tail and leads her around the ring and down to a leg scissors around Abby’s perfect breasts but once free Abigail wedgies Misty’s amazing ass. Back and forth they go, tremendous breast attacks, Abby’s breasts are smashed to distorted positions and Misty’s nipples are almost pulled off, then there are the gut slugs and plenty of them. This match is wild and constant as these two grapplers pack more into one match than you will believe. Some of the holds they end up in I don’t even know what to call them but I guarantee you will love them. Even when these two are just crawling they are entertaining and watching Abigail crawl is a true thing of beauty. These aren’t just beautiful women with amazing bodies, no, these are wild fighters who really go for it, so sit back and enjoy one hell of a match !!!!!


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