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Idelsy vs. Anna Fox

Time/Size: 21 min / 487 MB

Idelsey Love’s last photo shoot was ruined by Anna Fox. Luckily, Idelsey was able to defeat Anna and leave her passed out on the floor naked. Today, DT is finally trying to finish Idelsey’s photo shoot. Just before they are able to start, Anna jumps in the ring and ruins everything. Idelsey is boiling over with anger. She rushes Anna and starts throwing her around the ring like a ragdoll. Idelsey sticks her hand deep into Anna’s crotch and mauls the sensitive undercarriage. Both women are wearing thigh high stockings and over the shoulder sling thongs. Idelsey sits on Anna’s face, which muffles her screams for help. Anna submits, but she isn’t done yet. She puts Idelsey in a chicken wing and shoves her tits first into the corner. Anna delights in wedgying Idelsey from the front and back. Idelsey crawls on all fours as Anna walks her around the ring. Eventually, both girls lose their tiny thongs and fight each other in the nude. The winner stands atop her victim with arms raised in triumph. You are going to love every minute of this catfight between these tight bodied beauties.

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