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Match 1 -The duchess, Christie Stevens, is one evil villainess. She has sent a message to Earth’s savior, Lady Justice, saying that the entire planet will be destroyed if Lady Justice doesn’t show up for a bought. Ariel X is Lady Justice and sure enough she shows up to crush the evil doer that is threatening her home. The super beings fight in nothing but boxing shoes, boxing gloves, and boxing shorts. That’s right, these gods among women are topless for the entirety of the video. This multi-round, multi-fall fight shows just how fickle fate can be. Expect a turbulent, back and forth fight that ends with one knocked out loser sucking on some gorgeous super being titties.

Match 2Idelsy Love and Abigail Mac are two alluring young peaches. In this video you will watch them disrobe until they’re wearing nothing but tiny thongs. The girls then pick up their boxing gloves and start beating each other until one of them is knocked out. The majority of the fight consists of the youthful hotties bouncing around and unleashing ungodly amounts of pain on one another. Over and over again you will watch as one girl traps another one in the corner and pummels the consciousness out of her foe, then… more bouncing. The match isn’t purely boxing though. Multiple times during the match, one of the newbies will break down in frustration and grab her opponent, throwing her across the ring.

Match 3 -Gut slugs galore and these are real bombs. Do not make Celeste Star mad, everyone knows what a temper she has but Samantha Ryan thinks Celeste is wearing her suit and slaps her hard across the face, oh boy, the wild child has been released! It’s all Celeste now, savage blows rain down on Sam’s trim belly as wild Celeste backs her into the corner, and I do mean hard, yes each of these blows rattles the body of the beautiful Miss Ryan. Nobody has taken this many hard belly blows in a long time, and Sam would like to not take any more but Celeste is determined to annihilate her. Not just fists but kicks also find their way to this now tender midsection, we get some great close ups of the red belly as each fist sinks in shaking the skin that tries to protect what’s inside, but to no avail – these blows go in deep shaking all the way through the body. Celeste even takes Sam’s top off and makes her crawl to it stomping and kicking her all the way, then of course she is back to the gut smashes with just the right amount of blistering butt destruction thrown in. Gut slugs galore, a real orgy of belly blows !!!!!


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